Tuesday, April 28, 2009

new favorite thing

and it's no longer mine.

my first little attempt at "quilting" resulted in a pillow for my sister.
it's her birthday today and she's about to move into her new room which will sorta have a pippi longstocking theme. perfect combination of reasons for me to go wild with scissors and the sewing machine.

i'm absolutely in love with the way the pillow turned out. in fact, i could stare at it for hours... so many of my favorite fabrics collected in one random chaotic design. it's perfect and just the tease i needed in order to really get started on our big family quilt. it's like a mouth watering appetizer.

anyways. long story short... here are some pics.

oh, in other really great news... my gran'ma is letting me have my great-grandaunt's very vintage singer machine. it's moving into my sewing space later this week hopefully. yay!


Brendan said...

You guys should bottle your sweat and sell it as "Talent Potion" AMAZING!!!

JoonToons said...

aw. thank you. :)
just imagine the things we could do if we added your sweat too... we could rule the world! ;)
we love and miss you. please come visit us soon! there are two little pablo nieces here waiting to meet you.
btw, we'll be in NC an FL in december and january. yay!

MauFeitio said...

The piloow looks great! Congrats!