Tuesday, June 23, 2009

not getting jack done


it's been twelve days since i've touched any sewing tools and i'm very close to losing my mind. we've had a toddler birthday, two sick kids and a whole lot of commotion due to our crazy decision to move to my mom's house for a few weeks. my sister is moving into a new room there which needed a lot of renovation and then we're "swapping" living situations with my youngest brother for a few weeks. which means we'll have a yard and garden to enjoy and we'll get away from the crazy noise level of our downtown living for a while. should make the kids happy and us too.

anyways, i haven't done ANY sewing since the quilt. i'm physically hurting. going through withdrawal. bad withdrawal. BUT we've decided to take some sewing stuff (i'm thinking two machines, the serger, materials and notions?) and set up shop in my sister's old room for the time being. i just got a fancy big sewing book in the mail, bought some more fabrics at ikea and am mentally preparing for taking the "wardrobe refashion pledge" for two months starting july first. so i'm really hoping that this dry spell will be followed by a huge wave of creative outlet and productivity. and i'll let y'all know as soon as i have anything exciting to report.

may the creative spirits be with you and me and let's all hope summer will return to germany within the next few days. the weather has been awfully depressing.

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mcgillenator said...

You will get your groove back! Be sure to post some pictures of the new wardrobe in progress :)