Friday, December 12, 2008

exciting friday morning

today i had to do something i don't normally do... take pictures of a fabric delivery right out of the box!

usually all my new fabrics get the prewash, line dry, iron with lots of love treatment first and then i lay them out nicely and take pics.

in this case i'm too excited to wait! i ordered from an ebay seller for the first time (i normally get most fabrics from etsy supply sellers) and i'm amazed by how quickly this order made it here from the states! the price per yard was a little higher than what my favorite etsians offer, but it was worth it for me in this case because i managed to get all the different fabrics i had planned on buying for a while from ONE seller rather than having to order from two or three different stores. AND i found a nice michael miller print i had never noticed anywhere before. yay!

so, here's my online fabric store recommendation, especially for everyone in europe... la-chakra offers a truely amazing selection of designer cottons, managed to fit 8 yards into a flat rate envelope, shipped so quickly i received my order a week after placing it AND marked the envelope as a gift (which i'd never expect anyone to do but after all my recent spendings on custom fees i'm glad to not have to hike out to the customs office for pick up, explaining and paying them a fortune). incredible!

now, here are my new beauties...

top to bottom: garden party "dancefloor", garden party "tablecloth" (2yards), garden party "mingling", michael miller "groovy guitars", michael miller "damask rock", michael miller bertha, alexander henry "sew now! sew wow!"

did i mention i love anna maria horner??

i'm so stoked about this micheal miller print! i wasn't even aware of it's existence until a few weeks ago (coincidentally i found this fabric the same night dave got his awesome vintage bass guitar) and all the photos of it i looked at online made it look totally black, white and grey. now that i see it "in person", it's actually slightly off-white which is soooo much prettier than i expected it to be. makes it looks somewhat vintage. yay!

bertha is another new favorite of mine. i had never noticed this print anywhere until i browsed la-chakra's store and thought it looked like it could be either totally gorgeous or completely hideous. i was very intrigued and ordered a yard thinking i could always resell it if i didn't like it. well, turns out it's gorgeous and i wish i had like five yards of it because it's perfect for so many projects i had in mind. i'll get the patchwork and applique look without having to do all the extra work, which is perfect for me right now since i'm getting a little sewing lazy these days. so yeah, it'll be some tough calls to make when it comes to deciding on what to do with just one yard of this treasure.

and finally the alexander henry print. i had seen this on etsy a few times but from the pictures it always looked a little too white and bare to me so i really didn't want to buy it. then i ordered that huge stack of garden party fat quarters and got seven little fabric charms with it (ruth from sewlovefabrics really is wonderful to work with!) and thought, wow! this looks great in person! so i decided to order some next chance i got and now i have a nice full yard of it and it's just sooooo pretty! it'll become two sewing machine covers in the hopes of me actually covering my machines when i have something truely pretty to do so with.

yeah, enough fabric ramble. thanks for letting me share my excitement with you. i know, i owe ya pics of my very few recent projects and i promise i'll get to it as soon as my kid returns home and lets me take pictures of her outfit.

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trinitylou said...

Oooh, me likey the bertha! And I'm totally jealous of the guitars. I bow to you, queen of the pretty colors. ;)