Thursday, December 18, 2008

whoops! there goes december

so it's december 18th and i've been very unhappily procrastinating getting christmas gifts done.

i say very unhappily because for once it wasn't my own lazyness keeping me from sticking to my plan. i have all these gorgeous materials sitting here, a looooong list of things i had planned to get done this month (prior to christmas and the whole baby having thing), a gorgeous old new sewing machine which is yet to be properly set up and aaaaaaaaall this creative energy but zero time for any of it.

of course december has been our busiest month since moving to germany with dave being gone much more than i had anticipated (yes, i was very naive not to factor in 3 hours of travel time and showing up an hour before each performance for every day of his december job).
of course i had overestimated my own energy level. of course i had underestimated the strain that sleepless because belly tends to be enormous in the last trimester nights would take on me.
and i certainly did not anticipate my kid coming down with the worst cold i've seen a toddler have.

she's better now but the past couple of days have been rather challenging. it should've been days filled with productivity, it ended up being days spent trying to do the math on how to best spread out the maximum milligrams of acetaminophen she's allowed to have withing 24hours, cutting several yards of flannel into hankerchief sized snotwipes (no time for laundry), filling at least a dozen sippycups a day with fluids, being annoyed with our bad pediatrician, reading "hand, hand, fingers, thumb" over and over and over again, watching hours of zoo tv while cuddling a burning child...

blaaaaaaah! this weekend she should be over the worst, but dave is gonna be gone nonstop playing four theater performances and a gig. so i guess i may have monday and tuesday to sew up a storm. or to get sick myself and over the worst of it in time for christmas celebrations.

next year will be different. it's gotta be. i'll either skip the whole handmade holidays thing alltogether or i'll start making gifts in august. let's hope it's option number two. i really don't want to go back to buying gifts from chainstores.

so. note to self, kids always get sick when it's least convenient. be prepared.


Claudia said...

Don't push yourself so hard. You are taking care of two babies and yourself. So, if Christmas presents get delivered by Easter, that's ok too. You have very good excuses for not getting everything done. In February you will have a wonderful present for all the family. :)

trinitylou said...

Yep, basically what Claudia said. She's a smart one. ;)

I hope it's getting better in the Stephens household, and I wish you all well!!

Jaime said...

Oh the busyness of the holidays! Yikes! I found you through the Baby Wearer site and actually just convo'ed you on etsy. I love your blog and your craftyness is so inspiring!