Wednesday, October 22, 2008

everybody else is doing it...

i guess i'll do it too.

here's my "crafty" blog. i've been very busy sewing, thinking up designs, reading blogs, drooling over fabrics in online and real life stores, chatting on forums and all that crafty jazz and i feel an intense need to share with the world (or the one or two of you who'll actually come back here to read this every once in a while) what my crafty brain is up to.

there'll be lots of picture sharing, i'll get on your nerves endlessly by posting about tutorials (one of my most recent addictions), fabrics, music, my ridiculously entertaining kid, my way too busy husband, how awfully grey germany is in the winter and expect to read lots of comments on how wonderfully yummy german winter chocolates and cookies are.

oh, and i feel myself getting way too interested in etsy treasuries, so those will probably be a recurring theme as well. i plan on posting lots and lots and lots of gorgeous, fun, useful, yummy, inspiring or plain old weird handmade finds.

check back often, be in touch, get crafty and share, share, share.

the world seems a better place to me now that i've found the sheer endless stream of craft blogs. thank you crafty bloggers! :)

random collage created with the crappy picasa collage tool i just found. gonna go browse for something better looking now.


faeriefeig said...

between blogs and etsy- jared may need to get a second job to keep up my "store that shall not be named to german mama" addiction.

trinitylou said...

Yay for a crafty blog! I'll be anxiously awaiting much more from ya.