Friday, October 24, 2008


other than battling a cold, ridiculously crazy preggo hormones, my husband's ever changing schedule of rehearsals and meetings and more rehearsals and a wonderful 16-month-old (who thankfully didn't seem to feel much like battles this whole week) i havent' been up to a whole lot the past few days.

well, i made my first attempts at upcycleing wool sweaters... the results are two pairs of wool longies which much to my surprise turned out really well and fit joon perfectly (of course i didn't take a single measurement and just eyeballed the whole thing) and a double layered pure wool wrap diaper cover which of course didn't turn out perfectly but taught me a few lessons on working with bulky stretchy material, handstichting and working with elastic.

so i now feel like a full on hippie mama! where do i get my official membership card for the club??

we'll see how the wool does diapering wise. i've got lots of washing and lanolizing to do this afternoon. if i like how my fist batch holds up to wet diapers, i'll make lots more. now fingers crossed that dave finds some nice shrunken wool sweaters at the oxfam store today.

i got nothing but crappy pictures but have to share them anyway cuz i'm actually kinda proud of my work.

these colors are totally messed up. the cover is more like a burgundy red and the longies are dirty pink and grape.

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