Monday, November 17, 2008


so i'm somewhere around the 30-weeks mark now, i guess and we've yet to find a name for our new baby.

she's gonna be an eleanor, that's decided, but we're not sure if that'll be the first or middle name and we need another name to go with it.

suggestions? we're glad to take them. seriously! please post your suggestions!
how often to parents-to-be (-again) actually ask for babyname suggestions? this is a rare opportunity for you, take advantage of it and give us lots and lots of name ideas, please. and don't fear going really far out there, i'd kinda like something exotic.

oh, and just in case our girl turns out to be a boy we'd also like to have a boy name prepared... the initials need to be M.D. thoughts?

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Amy said...

Awww...we have an Eleanor and love the name. We paired it with Olivia because that has long been a favorite name of mine but it is a bit too trendy for us to want to use it as a first name.