Sunday, November 23, 2008


it's been a very unproductive weekend.

i'm still waiting for my fabric orders to come in and until then mei tai production is on hold which is very frustrating to me right now. i had just reached such a good flow of productivity and now i'm left to sit here waiting.
i've managed to prepare four sets of straps though, two are even attached to the inner canvas layer already. so i should be getting the next couple of carriers finished unusually quickly.

this has also given me time to think about where i'd like to take my carrier designs next which led to serious consideration of making joontoons slipcovers, podeagis and the possibility of changing one small feature (the hood loops) on the mei tais. i'll most likely do some testing on all those ideas in the next few weeks.

there's been more time for sewing for my family which was nice. joon now has two super soft new pillow covers for the big girl bed she's about to get, dave has a fancy new pillow, joon's neck is finally warm enough because of the ridiculously pretty scarf i made from my last garden party scraps and some comfy fleece and i started working on an upcycled sweater kimono jacket for our new baby. yay, yay, yay!

now here's hoping that i get my fabrics tomorrow because i'm afraid if i don't i'll have too much time to think of more things i want to create.

oh, pics? yes. tomorrow. hopefully.

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