Wednesday, November 26, 2008

i blame church

yay! i found yet another thing to blame church for! ;)

growing up as a baptist church pastor's granddaughter did have a few advantages... everyone knew and loved us. or they had to love us, which is probably closer to the truth. anyways, one of our church members was in the textiles industry. i believe he had a fabric business. he always gave us big stacks of little fabric samples to play with. so as a young child i had this kid sized plastic suitcase filled with lots and lots and lots of silky fabric samples in all shades and colors and for years that suitcase full of scraps was my favorite thing to play with. i'd dig my hands in there and swooosh! throw them up in the air and let them rain down on my head. i'd sort them, stack them, tie them, swooosh! them again.... sigh!

why am i telling you this? because i just spent half an hour shaking my booty to old school no doubt and rearranged my neatly folded garden party fat quaters in every way possible, by print, by color, by color in a different way.... it made me think of that suitcase and helped me understand why it is that i'm so obsessed with fabrics.

i took close to one hundred pictures of it all. does that make me a fabric nerd? i need something to hold on to when all these beauties have been cut, turned into pretty things and have lovely new owners. speaking of cutting, that's what i should be doing. cutting those fabrics. seems i'm avoiding having to do that by posting endless rambles on my blog. yes.

so anyways, here are all my pretty new fabrics lined up and there's a shot of the totally non-traditional christmas wreath i made for our front door the other day. i needed to make something random and random it is. oh, and i thought i'd include the view from our bathroom window at sunrise a few days ago. i loooooove snow! at least this year.

and now i'm off to working on mei tais again. finally!!


faeriefeig said...

ok. pretty fabric.

but the view from your bathroom- EXACTLY what i always pictured. I cried a little.


one day.

miss you

Claudia said...

Love the fabrics. And the wreath is cool. I really like it. :) I will get to see that view from the bathroom come Feb. Yeah.