Friday, November 14, 2008


i am so tired it's hard to put in words. but i'm at least as happy as i am tired and being happy is far more important and way more fun to think and write about.

so yesterday was my 20-something-th birthday (seven? i think so. no. six? whatever.).
it was absolutely fantastic! if fact, it just simply could not have been a more beautiful day! which i must admit caught me by surprise, since the last birthday i remember i really enjoyed was more than fifteen years ago.

yesterday everything was perfect.

i got to sleep in as long as i wanted to. when i forced myself out of bed to get started on some sewing work i walked into a tidy living room (you know that we have a seventeen-month-old chaos machine living with us, right?) and found really cool handmade by my superhero husband birthday decorations. joon and i snuggled on the couch while dave made me a huge mug of coffee and quite possibly the tastiest banana pancakes of all times which he topped with lots of nutella and a candle. yum!
i got to do all my online catching up and then dave took joon out to the playground and i had a few hours to sew in peace. i soaked up every minute of it and had a great time.
eventually i managed to put my project down, got ready for company and then most of my family came over for coffee and cake. i got some really great gifts (handknit socks for joon and new baby, big ole basket of organic fruits and veggies, yummy beer shampoo from lush, cash for sewing notions, an ikea gift card so i can get some storage boxes and lamps and such for my workspace, a really cool teapot and a candle thingy to keep the tea warm, a crazy looking felted flower vase which i have to take a picture of and show you tomorrow, a storage thing for my threads which dave made for me last minute and i should also show you a picture of and oh yes, my sweet old pfaff machine), lots of pretty flowers and most importantly everything was just totally relaxed and full of love and appreciation. i looooooooooooove my family!

in the evening we ordered pizza and hung out some more until eventually everyone left and we got joon to bed way past her bedtime.

dave and i hung out on the couch a little longer, i ordered some fancy designer fabrics on etsy and we went to bed very happily and blissfully unaware of how crappy the rest of the night would be. and that's why i'm tired and getting ready to go to bed early tonight.

yes, the perfect birthday. thanks so much to dave who really is the best husband and father anyone could ever wish for, joon who's most certainly the cutest kid on the face of this planet and keeps getting cuter by the minute, my family whom i could not be more blessed with and my sweet friends who sent "happy birthday" messages and let me know they were thinking of me.

love, love, love!

more craft stuff tomorrow. promised.

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faeriefeig said...


happy birthday!

it sounds like it was lovely