Sunday, November 16, 2008

sharing the fabric love

this month has so far been a really fantastic one for many reasons (Yes, We Did!).

one of my favorite things about this november though has got to be the fact that i managed to kick the greyness in the butt by purchasing ridiculous amounts of gorgeous fabrics which are sure to brighten my days for the rest of the grey season and will hopefully make the recipients of the final products feel happy, bright and colorful as well.

so here's what i got most recently...

mainly intended for mei tai bodies, but these fabrics are kinda whispering "make me into a bag" into my ear.

this pint one is ridiculously bright, but i just had to get it. i'm not quite sure if it would work as a mei tai, but i just may have to try. one of my favorite aspects of making clothing and carriers is that bit of suspense not knowing what a pattern will look like until it's made into a garment or carrier.

straps, straps, straps. the orange is so yummy it made me crave sweet potatoes all day yesterday. german stores are closed on sundays, but i'm set on getting some tomorrow and then i'll probably eat sweet potatoes all day!

i loooooove these quilter's weight cottons! so soft, i'm seriously considering making bedding from the one on the left.

yes, this is a stack of fat quarters. yes, it's garden party. it's twenty-eight of the fourty-four anna maria horner prints and they're on their way to me. needless to say thinking of the day that these beauties will arrive in their new home, i feel like a kid that's just been told she could spend a week in disney land and have all the free candy she wants.
check out sewlovefabrics on etsy for a great selection of ridiculously pretty fabrics!

i've been drooling over "groovy guitars" for months now and finally managed to order some. it's on its way over here from luckykaerufabrics along with some of my favorite alexander henry prints and my first ever echino (gotta find out if it's worth the hype).

all that should really be enough, i know. but there's more! my sweet wonderful mother-in-law went shopping at joann's yesterday. i got to join her in spirit and i'm sure she picked out some treasures for me. i just have no idea what's in store for me... yay! fabric surprises!

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