Saturday, November 8, 2008

what a week

we have a new president! well, you do. if you're american. does the rest of the world get to call him "our" president? in this case i kinda would like to call him that. at least for now. anyways, he's not really president yet. so i guess that statement was just all wrong. america has a new president-elect! there ya go. what i meant to say is, i don't remember the last time anything "politics" made me this happy!

unfortunately the elections took two complete days out of my crafting week. tuesday our midwife came over, we went on a great outing with dear friends and prepped the house for a little election party. then i stayed up til almost 4a.m. which left me useless the next day and i thought i'd better not set foot near scissors or a sewing machine til after a good night's sleep.

i got caught up though, mainly thanks to my butt-kickin' husband who btw is for sure the greatest dad to have ever walked this earth! i love you, dave. :)

so here are the results of a semi productive week...

green toddler mei tai going on etsy tonight

"very berry" baby mei tai unfortunately not going on etsy because it's flawed. i love this thing and i hope maybe it'll find a home somehow. if you're interested, drop me a line and i'll give you all the details and make you a great price! ;)

one more thing about this past week... it's just shocking to me how grown up my "baby" has suddenly become! baffles me every day. seriously. here she is "getting dressed".

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Crystal said...

Beautiful MTs! And beautiful Joon! (Tell me more about the Very Berry, I'm curious.)